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Emotional Intelligence

Increasing the awareness of one’s own emotions as well as those of others can help us make intentional choices on how to manage and build strong relationships. In this workshop, attendees will learn the importance of understanding emotions and the impact they can have on behaviors, actions, relationships, and workplace culture. Emotional intelligence is a key competency for leaders, and one that can be enhanced through intentional application of enhanced understandings of EI.

Join us in this workshop to:

  • Learn what emotional intelligence is and why it matters in the work environment
  • Recognize and manage personal triggers
  • Increase self, social, and situational awareness
  • Help ourselves and others feel heard by increasing our awareness of how we respond to each other

Who it is for:
Individuals and groups interested in understanding emotional intelligence and the impact on relationships, leadership, performance and organizational culture


  • Participant Workbook
  • Conversation Starter
  • On demand video if offered as a virtual workshop
  • Optional: 12 monthly email tips, tricks and reminders in follow up

Length: 90 minutes

. Building emotional intelligence as a leadership competency can help organizations:

  • Communicate in more effective ways
  • Create a culture of mutual respect
  • Recognize and mitigate blind spots and unconscious bias
  • Leverage productive conflict

Let CADIA facilitate the conversations that foster understanding, growth, and change.

About CADIA:

CADIA is a learning and advisory organization focused on diversity equity and inclusion. Its mission is to double the number of diverse leaders in the automotive industry by 2030. CADIA is creating inclusive cultures, championing diverse talent, driving systemic change, and supporting leadership commitment. For more information: Contact Us