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Now is the time to invest in your comany's DEI journey:  Become a CADIA  Corporate Member today


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CADIA Corporate Members:

  • Meet with CADIA staff on a regular basis for discovery, exploration and advisory services.
  • Have access to CADIA's extensive resources, curated specifically for your needs and goals.
  • Engage in thoughtful dialoge on leading edge issues.
  • Are able to share DEI learning and exploration with all company associates through the Forward Together Workshop Series and CADIA Connects.
  • Become part of the CADIA Community for networking, peer sharing and support.
  • Are never alone on their DEI journey.

Features of Membership:

Inclusion in the CADIA DEI Roundtable Series
You have access to a peer forum for the open exchange of information and best practices, as well as conversations on a variety of critical DEI topics.  Members of the forum include DEI professionals, ERG/BRG leaders, DEI council members and HR professionals from automotive and trasportation industry companies.


The CADIA Kickstart Discovery/Advisory Sessions
You and your team will meet with CADIA staff for one-on-one discussion about your organization, your needs, and your DEI journey.  This assessment and discovery process will help your company set and achieve goals, develop priorities, and learn how to measure progress and results. CADIA will then create tailored resources to help you stay on track.

Membership Level Chart

DEI Communications Toolkit
The CADIA Communications Toolkit will help you leverage your membership and inform stakeholders that you value and prioritize DEI.


Members Only Workshops
The 2x/year workshops aim to educate, inspire, and empower members and their employees by providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to foster an inclusive work environment.  The workshops are intended for all associates - people leaders and independent contributors.


CADIA's DEI Certification Accelerator Program
Members receive dedicated seats for each 12-week cohort in the Accelerator program offering a structured opportunity for automotive industry professionals to learn DEI best practices, solve complex organizational challenges, and build a DEI professional network.


Member Resources
A member folder is provided to each company for easy access to the curated resources and information CADIA staff have tailored to the company's unique needs.  Information is frequently refreshed so members always have the most up-to-date materials and access to leading-edge thought leadership in the DEI space.


Customized Offerings
For members selecting the Ambassador Level Membership, a custom package is developed to meet unique needs.  Membership might include workshops, executive level-set meetings, advisory services, facilitation, ERG/BRG support etc.