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Corporate Membership

Now is the Time for Forward Thinking Companies to Invest in Their Most Valuable Asset — Their People!

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Let’s face it, no one has all the answers when it comes to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and the auto-mobility industry has a unique set of opportunities pertaining to these topics. CADIA membership provides companies with the latest data, benchmark and best practice information, along with a peer network to help them learn, grow and make meaningful change.

CADIA staff and facilitators all know and understand the automotive industry, and come from rich backgrounds in various functional areas. Our intent is for CADIA to become an extension of your DEI team – whether that team has 15 people or one person who wears many hats.

As a Corporate Member of CADIA you will have access to:

  • A peer community and best practices Information on the business case for DEI.
  • Insights into how and what to measure.
  • Insights into how your company can accelerate its journey in DEI.
  • Strategies to find, hire, develop and retain diverse employees.
  • Proven methods to develop inclusive leadership and cultures.
  • A DEI network for your DEI team or champions.

Join. Engage. Affect Lasting Change.

What your corporate membership includes:

Access to a Peer Network, CADIA Staff and Diversity Professionals
Open sharing of best practices, lessons learned, and industry benchmarking are part of what your membership offers through a peer network, access to diversity professionals, and CADIA staff.

Membership in the CADIA DEI Roundtable Series
A monthly forum for the open exchange of information and best practices for diversity and inclusion in the automotive industry for DEI champions.

The CADIA Kick Start
This assessment and discovery process will allow you to work with CADIA professionals to set and acheive goals, develop priorities, and learn what and how to measure progress and results.  Then, CADIA will help you along on your journey with tailored resoruces and periodic check-ins to keep you on track, explore themes and answer questions.

DEI Communications Toolkit
This is a toolkit to help you leverage your membership in CADIA and to inform internal and external stakeholders that DEI is part of your DNA.