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About Us

CADIA was launched in 2017 with the idea that diverse talent had long been overlooked and undervalued in the automotive industry. CADIA set about to create avenues of success for people of all diversity dimensions in automotive by providing professional development opportunities. CADIA soon turned its focus to help create systemic, organizational change at the company level.

CADIA is a mission-driven, member-oriented organization to provide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion tools, networks, insights and practical advice to companies in the auto-mobility space.

CADIA helps organizations identify and remove obstacles and ingrained structures that are preventing even the most well-intentioned DEI initiatives from delivering the outcomes they aim to achieve.

Men and women in a CADIA audience listening.

Our Organization

A mission-driven company focused on diversity, equity and inclusion in the auto-mobility industry.

Our Mission

Double The Number of Diverse Leaders in Automotive by 2030.

Unique Solutions for the Auto-Mobility Industry

  • DEI Roundtables
  • DEI Workshops
  • CADIA DEI Accelerator Program for Professional Certification
  • Annual DEI Impact Awards
  • DEI resources, guides and insights
  • Monthly CADIA Connects™
  • Advisory Services
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Thought Leadership
  • Corporate DEI Assessment and Roadmap Development
  • Professional Development via CADIA Academy™ 

Offered a la carte or via annual membership

Our Four Cs


Winning Cultures


Drive Systemic


Support Leadership


Career Development For All