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Cultural Competence for the Workplace

Rev Up Your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiative

CADIA’s Cultural Competence Workshop is a transformative experience
designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to
navigate diverse cultural landscapes effectively. Facilitators guide participants through essential topics such as cultural awareness, communication styles, and the impact of cultural norms on interpersonal relationships, empowering them to become more culturally competent individuals.

Join us in this workshop to:

  • Explore elements of culture; define and consider what makes up
  • Talk about specific cultural differences around the globe across a
    matrix of topic areas.
  • Determine how those differences enhance the workplace, identify
    where they may cause disconnect, and strategies to leverage the
    differences and nuances that varied cultural perspectives can bring
    to a team environment.
  • Discuss cultural and linguistic differences, and where they show up
    in the workplace, explore biases and assumptions.

Who it is for:
Individuals or teams interested in:

  • Building cultural competency to drive high functioning global teams.
  • Building cultural bridges with employees from diverse background.
  • Making meaningful connections with customers with different
    languages, customs and cultural backgrounds.


  • Participant Workbook
  • Conversation Starter

Length: 90 minutes

By creating a safe and inclusive space, attendees are prompted to share their unique experiences and learn from the diverse perspectives of their peers. Ultimately, the Cultural Competence Workshop serves as a catalyst for building bridges between individuals from different backgrounds, promoting empathy, and enhancing the overall inclusivity of participants' personal and professional spheres.

About CADIA:

CADIA is a learning and advisory organization focused on diversity equity
and inclusion. Its mission is to double the number of diverse leaders in the
automotive industry by 2030. CADIA is championing diverse talent, driving
systemic change, and supporting leadership commitment. For more
information. For more information: Contact Us