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Employee Resource Group Solutions



CADIA offers individualized working sessions and training to companies interested in starting, growing, or re-establishing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Also known as Affinity Groups or Business Resource Groups, ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that are formally supported by an organization. ERGs are typically organized around common backgrounds, identities, experiences or interests, and can provide a sense of belonging and connection.

ERGs can and should deliver value to the business while increasing employee engagement, talent development, and building cultural understanding. CADIA leverages the “4C” Model for ERGs, where each group contributes to the Community, Culture, Commerce (business bottom line) and Careers (professional development).

CADIA can provide information and resources for organizing, launching and managing ERGs for long-term value and sustainability, establishing a framework and template across the organization for all ERGs.

Two workshops currently offered are:

ERG/BRG Unity Summit:
Not stictly a worshop, this Summit is designed to synchronize the efforts of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) towards a unified direction, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared purpose

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Employee Resource Group Solutions
The business case, how to get organized, develop sustainable frameworks, metrics, and best practices.

Download PDF Overview
Additional session topics include:

  • The Business Case for ERGs
  • Developing and Launching ERGs
  • ERGs as an Organizational Asset
  • Grassroots Organizing for ERGs
  • Organizational Management of ERGs
  • Engaging Executive Sponsors
  • Re-Imagining Existing ERGs
  • The Role of Allies in ERGs
  • ERG Leader Development/Making ERG Leadership an Aspirational Role
  • Establishing an Operating Cadence for ERGs
  • Establishing Meaningful Metrics for ERGs

In addition, CADIA offers facilitation for ERGs both during the launch phase and as an ongoing service. Discussion guides for ERGs are available for professional development and DEI topics, and CADIA staff is available to present to ERGs on specific DEI-related topics.

Contact us for more information about available ERG resources and solutions.