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CADIA Accelerator
DEI Certification Program for ​Automotive Industry Professionals

New as of winter/spring 2024 - CADIA has refreshed training materials, case studies, and created more content to appeal to diverse learning styles.



CADIA's DEI Certification Program is a resounding success.  Just ask our more than 120 graduates!

“The CADIA DEI Accelerator Program and Capstone Project with this amazing cohort reinforced my passion for this work and provided a strong foundation, which I can build upon to support my company’s inclusion, diversity, and sustainability efforts.”

Marilyn McGrone-Conley, Honda


It was a really great class.  As an ERG leader that works as an Engineering Program Manager I often feel like I am underqualified.  This class helped me to see that we are all still learning as the ideas and practices of DE&I are continually changing.”

Julie Williquette, Vitesco Technologies



This program was excellent. Really will take these tools and use them for the entirety of my career, regardless of role. Thank you!”

Rosa Samperi, Holman Enterprises




"I really enjoyed the live sessions and the presenters. They all have excellent knowledge and experience in the D&I field. …  I have struggled in the past with excuses like "I'm not an expert in D&E or I don't have formal education on the topic". Now I cannot say that anymore; I'm still not an expert but now I have tools and knowledge thanks to this cohort.”

Jessica Gallegos, Vitesco Technologies USA

This program was founded on our belief that DEI champions are stronger together.

To further our commitment to diversifying the automotive industry, the Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement (CADIA) is proud to offer the 12-week Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Certification course. This program offers a structured opportunity for automotive industry professionals to learn DEI best practices, solve complex organizational challenges, and build a DEI professional network.


CADIA invites all formal – and informal – DEI practitioners to participate. People leaders, or those about to lead teams, are encouraged to apply. Participants completing the program will receive DEI Certification from CADIA.

Program Objectives

After the 12-week program, participants will be able to:

  • .Explain the fundamentals of DEI, how to mitigate bias in talent systems and what it means to be an inclusive leader.
  • Build and implement a DEI strategic plan.
  • Gain an understanding of what DEI looks like for global organizations
  • Identify best practices to advance DEI in organizations.
  • Analyze and assess complex industry and organizational DEI challenges.
  • Co-create innovative DEI solutions and approaches for global companies.
  • Build meaningful connections with DEI practitioners and subject matter experts.

Program Structure

CADIA DEI Cohorts meet for 90 or 120 minutes once a week for
12 consecutive weeks. Participants will be expected to do some self-directed study and small group work (no more than 3 hours/week) in between sessions.  Groups will be organized according to DEI experience and current job function. This is not a passive course; homework and participation is required.

The cohort will have no more than 25 participants to ensure the integrity of the experience. Sessions are uniquely designed to fit the needs of participants and are facilitated by experienced DEI professionals.

Attendees may self-nominate or be nominated to participate by their employer.

Meetings are Thursdays 9 - 10:30 am ET with optional "office hours" from 10:30 - 11 am ET (some sessions will be the full 2 hours)


** The minimum number of participants for a course to run is 12.

Program Benefits


A DEI Community of Practice

An instant and dynamic DEI professional network in the automotive industry.

Access to online collaboration spaces to continue conversations and share resources between sessions and after the program ends.


Practical DEI Knowledge

Structured live sessions to collectively process content through interactive activities, exercises and discussions.

Experienced facilitation by DEI professionals to ensure psychological safety and productive dialogue.

Exclusive access to all CADIA Academy’s video content which includes, but is not limited to the list below.


Professional Development

Real-time constructive feedback from peers and experienced DEI professionals.

Practical industry thought leadership and advice from seasoned DEI guest speakers.

The opportunity to work as a team to solve real DEI organizational challenges, culminating in a final presentation to the CADIA DEI Roundtable series and/or the CEO Coalition for Change.

DEI Foundations

  • The Basics
  • The Business Case
  • Success Factors

Retooling Talent System

  • Systemic Approach to Talent Acquisition
  • Growth and Development for All
  • Every Leader Has a Role to Play

Strategy Development

  • Getting Started
  • The Essentials
  • Tools

Inclusive Leader Tools

  • Developing Inclusive Leadership Behaviors
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Shared Learning Communities

Program Timeline


Sept. 19, 2024

Dec. 12, 2024


Accepting Applications for Fall 2024

Program Kick Off /Orientation Thursday Cohort

Final Session

Program Investment

12 Week Program: Instruction, Cohort Community, All Materials
CADIA Corporate Members: $3500.00 
CADIA Roundtable Only and Non Members: $4000.00

CADIA offers scholarships to ensure financial access. If cost is a barrier to participate, please apply for a scholarship before submitting an application.
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