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CADIA DEI and Professional Development Workshops are the key to unlocking your team's potential.  Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each audience.

CADIA offers a wide range of topics led by CADIA facilitators.  Workshops can be virtual or in person.

Available topics are below.  Tailored programs can also be developed using your ideas.

Contact us for more information about bringing an interactive session to your team

ERG/BRG Unity Summit:

Not stictly a worshop, this Summit is designed to synchronize the efforts of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) towards a unified direction, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared purpose

Engagement Matters:

Fostering Commitment and Growth

Cultural Competence for the Workplace

Increasing cultural awareness, understanding and empathy.

Empathy in Action

Managing DEI conversations in the workplace.

Executive Level Set TM

For executive/leadership teams, this workshop offers leaders foundational information, a forum for open and frank dialogue on DEI topics, and a path to chart the course for DEI at their company. An essential offering for any company working on DEI.

DEI 101 Foundations

A foundational offerings that covers the basics about diversity, equity, and inclusion at a personal and organizational level.

Unconscious Bias

Identifying and overcoming hidden bias for individuals and teams.


Standing beside and up for Women, People of Color, LGBTQ, and other underrepresented groups.

Inclusion and Belonging

Creating and maintaining a welcoming environment for all.

Having Difficult Conversations

Handling difficult conversations is a necessity for all leaders. Finding the formula for consistent, effective conversations is a key to leadership success.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Identify the key domains that impact emotional intelligence and practice activities that build emotional competencies.

Building Your Leadership Coaching Skills

The skill of effectively coaching employees is essential to a leader’s ability to help people develop to their fullest. This workshop gives leaders the coaching techniques they will need.

Best Practices for Leading Remote Teams

Remote teams are part of the business culture for many organizations, whether global or just decentralized. Finding ways to effectively lead can make or break or break remote teams.

Being Resilient in the Midst of Change, Growth and Uncertainty

In this interactive workshop, leaders will learn about living in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment and what is required to lead successfully.

Essential Skills for New People Leaders

Key elements that all new leaders should know, internalize, and put into practice to effectively lead people and teams.

Employee Resource Group Solutions

The business case, how to get organized, develop sustainable frameworks, metrics, and best practices.

Emotional Intelligence

Increasing self-awareness and empathy - the hallmarks of great leadership.

DEI Assessment & Roadmap

Not strictly a workshop, CADIA offers a DEI Assessment to companies interested in understanding where they stand relative to a corporate maturity model of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. The assessment allows an organization to identify and plan for next best steps to accomplish the company’s strategic vision for DEI, and to benchmark itself against world-class companies.


What are they, how to spot and talk about them, and how to prevent them from eroding inclusive cultures.

DEI Conversations in the Workplace

Sometimes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion conversations can be uncomfortable and emotional, especially when navigating these topics in the workplace. In this workshop, attendees will explore their important role as facilitators to build safety and gain trust for others to share their perspectives, guide conversations objectively, and engage others to support DEI efforts.

Inclusive Leadership

To remain relevant, leaders must develop the essential skills of inclusive leadership to effectively leverage the diversity of people, perspectives, and experiences. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to create a sense of purpose and belonging for all stakeholders within an organization.

Inclusive Recruiting

The Business case, best practices, and tips.

Diversity Focused Succession Planning

Ensuring equity in talent acquisition, assessment, development, and advancement.

Diversity Councils

Benefits, organizational structure, getting started and best practices.

Measurement & Accountability

Ensuring DEI is part of a core business strategy and NOT a special initiative.

For more information or to schedule a workshop, contact Jennifer Harding.