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Solutions for Associations

CADIA offers associations a way to provide member value through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) offerings. Now more than ever companies are working toward integrating DEI strategies to achieve business goals. Many seek information to help them identify the tactics and resources needed to launch meaningful initiatives or redouble existing efforts. CADIA can provide associations a “DEI Bundle” consisting of Workshops for the general membership, a Roundtable series to engage those working on DEI for their companies, and CADIA Academy DEI Champions Course – an on-demand session that features individual, professional development coursework in DEI that can be offered to member companies for their employees. Associations can obtain sponsors and offer the products as paid activities to the membership, making this offering affordable for associations, or a way to obtain new revenue.


1. Workshops

Workshops are typically delivered quarterly through live, interactive virtual sessions. Each includes a workbook and session recording. Each is tailored to meet the needs of the association membership and industry.

DEI Foundations Workshop

  • Learn the history, evolution and business case for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Create a personal definition of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
  • Gain an understanding of the barriers in bringing one’s whole self to work
  • Move toward playing an advocacy role in DEI
  • Understand what DEI means at an organizational level
  • Learn why DEI is critical to the company bottom line

Inclusive Leadership Workshop

  • Define inclusive leadership and why it matters within an organization
  • Identify the essential traits of inclusive leaders and create a plan for putting them into practice
  • Build the cultural intelligence required to lead across all demographics

Unconscious Bias Workshop

  • Identify and discuss specific types of bias and begin thinking about them in new ways
  • Recognize where bias shows up in the work environment and find ways to address it
  • Expose ourselves to more people with identities different than our own to minimize bias
  • Move toward playing an advocacy role to influence others

Microinequities Workshop

  • Identify and discuss specific types of microinequities and their effects
  • Learn ways to address these acts when they happen to us and to others
  • Manage microinequities in the workplace
  • Develop strategies for helping others change behaviors


Details: This includes a baseline survey that will be customized to your membership to give you a sense of what they are doing in DEI. We can ask members to select the workshop topics where there is the most interest in addition to the ones listed below so you can select the 4 topics that work best for your members. There is an option to add monthly follow up messaging for 12 months to reinforce workshop objectives which will be delivered to you in an email so you may forward on to your members. Workshops all come with a workbook and a copy of the slides and a recording that you may use for 12 months post-workshop.


2. DEI Roundtable Blueprint

CADIA will provide the “blueprint” to launch and manage a DEI Roundtable. You invite members to join a peer learning community to explore themes, issues and DEI strategies. The peer network promotes open sharing of best practices and the practical application of DEI theory will make an impact and drive change. The DEI Roundtable is typically a 90-minute virtual meeting held on a monthly basis. “DEI Champions” are invited to join (regardless of title) with others who are working on or supporting their own organization’s initiatives in DEI. They pay a fee to you to participate and have the benefit of working with peers in the same industry to share information, resources and best practices. CADIA will plan and facilitate each meeting while the association provides the administration.


Details: This includes all “launch” communication information, content and facilitation for 11
meetings (usually monthly). An exploratory meeting will kick off the group; then an organizational meeting where members will have input on how the Roundtable will work to give them ownership and buy-in. The association sets the price for the membership and provides the “administration” – i.e., billing the RT members, keeping track of them, sending meeting notices etc. CADIA will provide guidance based on our experience on pricing, # of members per company, governance, etc. Each meeting includes slides, any resources discussed, and recording that you may share for a period of 12 months. Pricing for membership has been $1500 - $2250 per member in our experience (your association keeps that money). After year 1, you can decide if you want to continue and do your own facilitation or keep us engaged to provide the content and facilitation.

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3. CADIA Academy

CADIA Academy is online, on-demand Professional Development delivered virtually. The DEI Champions course includes 12 modules. Each module contains:

  • Series of video lessons – each lesson runs about 5 – 15 minutes 
  • Fillable PDF workbook – can be used in group discussions
  • Mentor/conversation guide – can be used with mentor or team
  • Copy of the training slides

This offering would be made available to association member employees.

Description of lessons in the DEI Champions Course