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What They Are, How to Spot and Talk About Them

Micro-Inequities (sometimes called microaggressions) are subtle actions that single out, marginalize, devalue or overlook an individual. They have a chilling effect on the individual and the team. In some cases, the person may not know that he/she/they is behaving in an inappropriate manner.

In this workshop, we will explore what they are, how to spot them, the effect micro-inequities have on the workplace, and discuss ways to address them.

Join us in this workshop to:

  • Identify and discuss specific types of microinequities and their effects
  • Learn ways to address these acts when they happen to us and to others
  • Manage micro-inequities in the workplace
  • Develop strategies for helping others change behaviors

Who it is for:
Individuals and groups interested in gaining effective strategies and tactics for recognizing and addressing Micro-Inequities.


  • Participant Workbook and Conversation Starter
  • On demand video if offered as a virtual workshop
  • Optional: 12 monthly email tips, tricks and reminders in follow up

Length: 90 minutes

Micro-Inequities are insidious slights that may go unnoticed in the workplace if we are not aware of them, learn to spot them, label and address them. They result in a poor workplace culture, and make under-represented groups and individuals feel singled out and diminished. This workshop will provide tools to:

  • Create more inclusive environments
  • Address current racial and gender inequities
  • Attract, retain and advance professional talent
  • Expand business development opportunities

Let CADIA facilitate the conversations that foster understanding, growth and change.

About CADIA:

CADIA is a learning and advisory organization focused on diversity equity and inclusion. Its mission is to double the number of diverse leaders in the automotive industry by 2030. CADIA is creating inclusive cultures, championing diverse talent, driving systemic change, and supporting leadership commitment. For more information: Contact Us