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CADIA Workshop Leader and Facilitator


Kayce Shepard is a CADIA Workshop leader and facilitator, bringing more than 25 years of experience as a liaison for marginalized communities and the corporate world, having served in various roles in governmental and nonprofit sectors. 
In 2011 Kayce founded Naci Mai, which provides training and mentorship for families and single mothers.  She has seen the impact mentorship and personal development can have on families and believes the same support and resources can help transform the Automotive Industry.  The gap in advancement has many layers, one of them being a personal responsibility for each individual to develop the skill set that will enable them to move beyond average and become extraordinary.  CADIA Academy is a great resource for members to gain new insight and skills sets for their own personal growth, which translates into team growth. A win for everyone. Kayce works with CADIA members to enable them to take advantage of the services and offerings that membership provides.

Kayce is a certified Wellness Coach with years of experience encouraging (and pushing) individuals beyond their comfort zones and into a more holistic and balanced life.