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Pam Romano headshot

Pam Romano
Retired, Ford Motor Company

Pam Romano began her career at Ford Motor Company in 1974 when she was hired into the Rouge Plant.  She was part of the first group of nine women to be sent into the Basic Oxygen Furnace.

Pam remained at the Rouge Plant for more than 30 years, working in a variety of positions including pouring molten metal in the furnace, working in the rolling mill, on production in the assembly area, and stamping parts on dies. She eventually entered Ford’s Tool & Die Apprenticeship program. After completing the three-year program Pam served as the Tool & Die Planner at the Frame Plant.

In addition to her roles at the Rouge Plant, Pam also worked on the Ford Railroad where she worked as a switchman, conductor and finally railroad engineer for 18 years.

Pam retired from Ford Motor Company in 2004.