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  • DEI 101 Foundations
  • Microinequities
  • Allyship
  • Inclusion and Belonging
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Inclusive Recruiting
  • Inclusion and Belonging
  • Diversity Councils
  • Employee Resource Group Solutions
  • Diversity Focused Succession Planning
  • DEI Inclusive Leadership
  • DEI Assessment & Roadmap
  • Measurement & Accountability
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Essential Skills for New People Leaders
  • DEI Conversations in the Workplace
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Essential Skills for New People Leaders
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Your Leadership Coaching Skills
  • Being Resilient in the Midst of Change, Growth and Uncertainty
  • Best Practices for Leading Remote Teams

CADIA DEI Assessment and Roadmap 2


CADIA DEI Assessment and Roadmap

Monthly Team Check-ins

CADIA offers a DEI Assessment to companies interested in understanding where they stand relative to a corporate maturity model of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. The assessment allows an organization to identify and plan for next best steps to accomplish the company’s strategic vision for DEI, and to benchmark itself against world-class companies. It can also be used to measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusion.

CADIA uses the Global Diversity Equity & Inclusion Benchmark* as a tool to define what is assessed, and to benchmark against a global established standard.

The assessment is conducted using a framework document that categorizes DEI activities into a maturity model. The assessment may be conducted through short interviews with key personnel, and reviews of documents and data that may be provided by the company. In most cases, the organization will need to have internal discussions to uncover desired strategy, outcomes and priorities. Note that this activity is not a passive undertaking.

Some of the topics for conversation/documentation may include: Recruiting and hiring practices and protocols, onboarding process/practices, employee surveys/pulse surveys, talent development, succession planning, current diverse makeup of the company, attrition rates, company culture, inclusive leadership, leadership communication, training, and the like.

If a company chooses, the final assessment can be delivered with a Roadmap that suggests focus areas, a plan of action, and tactical steps to provide momentum for DE&I activities, both at a granular level (tasks) and a higher level (strategy), while identifying the desired goals and outcomes.

Development of an assessment and roadmap may take between 4-8 weeks depending on availability of key stakeholders for interviews, availability of data/documents, and the company’s own timeline. The final work products are simple written documents and diagrams, with one or more stakeholder conversations to help gain organizational alignment on DE&I efforts and expected outcomes.

In addition to the Assessment and Roadmap, organizations may also elect to have a scheduled quarterly Check-in with CADIA staff as a means to provide continuity and accountability. The Check-ins can be used to review progress to date, discuss strategies and tactics to address issues that may come up, and to provide a sounding board and resources to the company’s DEI team. The Check-ins are a great way to maintain a steady focus on DEI and company strategy, while also offering coaching and information to enhance and amplify the efforts of the DEI team.